Enhancing large scale Human Resource Development Programs through ICT based systems for Intellectual Capital Management

Project Objective: To build a methodology and customize an ICT based system whichs help to manage Intellectual Capital in large scale Human Resource Development Programs. The management system must support the entire training life cycle: training need assessment, instructional design and management of the instructional event, evaluation and quality management

Scope and Results Designed and implemented a Management Information System (MIS) for a large scale capacity building programme on Environmental and Disaster Risk Management offered by governmental institutions in India. Performed all steps from business process analysis, implementation, monitoring / evaluation, and organisational development. Staff coachings have been performed on-site in close cooperation with the project team. The MIS is operated fully autonomously by the staff and hundreds of specialized trainings are managed.

Download Broschure Capacity building

DOWNLOAD-1: Capacity building involves much more though than just conducting training courses and workshops. It implies a multi level system to develop networks, institutional systems, organisations and individuals. Without awareness, without a basis for new approaches, and without better skills for using new tools and instruments in urban planning, industrial development, environmental governance, disaster preparedness and consumer protection, development for sustainability cannot be achieved.

Human Resource Development (HRD)

DOWNLOAD-2: The Human Resource Development (HRD) platform is a webbased system with tools to support the planning, implementation, delivery and monitoring of large-scale capacity development programmes. Staff at a key training institution use the HRD platform to manage their programmes.
GIZ offers an additional institutional development service package to complement the HRD platform and foster smooth implementation. This package includes staff trainings and advisory services in the areas of quality control, workflow design and capacity building management.